What is mystamp?
mystamp is a service provided by LibanPost allowing customers to create their own personalized stamp through a user-friendly interface.
What can I do with mystamp?
Whether you have a wedding in the family, a birthday, a bachelor or a special event, mystamp offers a fun and easy way to add a personal touch using your own personalized stamp.
How do I create my stamp(s)?
- Upload your image.
- Customize your color filter
- Customize your stamp theme from our default categories (Weddings, Birthdays…)
- Add words to your stamps in the color, font and text size.
- Agree on the terms and conditions.
- Register or login to proceed to checkout. Here you can edit or create your delivery and billing addresses.
- Proceed to payment
- You will receive your sheet(s) of stamps, delivered within a few days.

What are the requirements for the artwork on mystamp?
JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF files can be uploaded to mystamp site. All customs images must be at least 500 dpi to avoid rejection by the system.
What happens once I submit the image for creating the stamp?
Once you submit the request for the payment, an approval from the Ministry of Telecommunication should be given prior to printing. Once approved, your stamps will be printed and delivered to your address.
What if my submitted Image was rejected from the ministry?
If your image is rejected by the ministry for not following the guidelines, then you will receive an email informing you of the rejection with a Free payment code. You will need to access again the website, proceed with a new request and upload a new image. Once you reach the checkout page after logging in, you need to select the payment method “Pay Using LibanPost Code” then submit the code received by email.
What is the actual size of the stamp?
The actual size of the stamp is 4cm (width) x 5cm (height) and the size of image on the stamp is 3.6cmx3.6cm
How my stamp will look like?
The Stamp is self adhesive as there will be no need for glue to stick it.
It also contains a security mark and monetary value.
Note that the stamp is a bit glossy for a better visual effect.
For any postmark on the stamp, please give it some time to dry .
Can I use the stamp I personalized on official documents?
No, the stamps you personalize can be used for domestic postal mailing and personal use .
What is the minimum quantity order?
Minimum quantity to be ordered is 1 sheet of 20 stamps.

What is the maximum quantity order?
Maximum quantity can be order is 25 sheets of 20 stamps.

Do you have to register to checkout?
Yes, you will need to register after you upload your image and design your stamp in order to proceed to checkout.

I have made a mistake in my order, can I have this corrected?
Once the order is submitted it cannot be edited, you will need to replace another order.

Can I edit my order if it was rejected?
Unfortunately, you cannot change anything in the order as you can only upload a new image.

Can I add something to my existing order?
Once the order is submitted, it cannot be edited. You will have to make  
another order.

Do the stamps have an expiry Date for usage?
No, the Stamps do not have any expiry date.

Can I order to an address outside Lebanon?
Unfortunately, you can only receive the order domestically.

What are the payment modes?
There is more than one payment mode:
- Pay online through credit card through (Visa & MasterCard)
- Pay through cash in any of LibanPost offices
- Pay from home through one of our libanPost letter carriers.
- Pay at any LibanPost office by showing the Code received after choosing this method to Customer service representative.

How much it will cost?
The cost for 1 sheet of 20 stamps is 60,000 L.B.P
- 6 sheets and above, the cost per sheet will be 55,000 L.B.P
- 11 sheets and above, the cost per sheet will be 50,000 L.B.P

Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, based on the quantity as per the price scheme mentioned above.

What is the monetary value of the stamp?
The monetary value for the stamp is 2,000 L.B.P and for the full sheet (20 stamps) 40,000 L.B.P excluding charges.

What’s the delivery time?
Once you finalize your stamp customization, the Ministry of Telecommunication will have to provide an approval for your submitted image before proceeding with printing. This process will take up to 9 days until it is delivered to your address.

How is it delivered?
LibanPost delivers the stamps’ sheets to your home address.

How to Register?
You can either register from the homepage button on the top right side of the page or you can
register after you upload the image and personalize your stamp

How to update my personal information?
You can update your personal information through clicking on -> My Profile button  -> Update Profile and then you can edit and delete your information.

Can I change my address and/or my phone number?
Yes, you can Edit/Delete your addresses and phone number on -> My Profile button -> Update Profile and then you can edit and delete your information.

How do I change my password?
Once logged in, click on “Change Password” and follow the instructions to update your credentials.

Why should I upload my ID?
The Ministry of Telecommunication requires a copy of the Customer’s ID before approving and printing the stamps. A copy of the ID will be restored and secured in our records.

Who will see my ID?
Your ID will be visible only to LibanPost Back office and the Ministry of Telecommunication as it’s a requirement for the stamp approval.